Accepted papers

 Fat in the Abdomen Area as a Propagation Medium in WBAN Applications
A novel galvanic coupling testbed based on PC sound card for intra-body communication links
A Piezoelectric Heart Sound Sensor for Wearable Healthcare Monitoring Devices
A Portable Continuous Wave Radar System to Detect Elderly Fall
Analysis of Channel Characteristic for Body Channel Communication Transceiver Design
Arrhythmia detection with Antidictionary Coding and its application on mobile platforms
Capacitive Body-Coupled Communication in the 400 – 500 MHz Frequency Band
Correlations between IPAQ and Fitbit Levels of Physical Activity?
Cybersecurity Assessment of the Polar Bluetooth Low Energy Heart-rate Sensor
Detecting OCD-related Compulsive Behaviors using a Smartwatch-based System and Deep Learning
Digital resources aiding opportunities for affiliation and practical reasoning among people with dementia: A scoping review
Estimation of Skin Conductance Response through Adaptive filtering
Group Walking Recognition based on Smartphone Sensors
Channel Gain for a Wrist-to-Arm Scenario in the 55-65 GHz Frequency Band
Characterisation of breathing and physical activity patterns in the general population using the wearable Respeck monitor
MAC protocol with interference mitigation using negotiation among coordinators in multiple wireless body area networks
Magnetic Steering of Superparamagnetic Nanoparticles in Duct Flow for Molecular Communication: A Feasibility Study
Medical tele-monitoring and tele-assistance for diabetics patients by means of 5G cellular networks
Motion Recognition for Smart Sports Based on Wearable Inertial Sensors
Optical Wireless Data Transfer Through Biotissues: Practical Evidence and Initial Results
Pseudo-Dynamic UWB WBAN Off-Body Radio Channel Measurements – Preliminary Results
Pulse Wave Characteristics based on Age and Body Mass Index (BMI) During Sitting Posture
Sensitivity of Galvanic Intra-Body Communication Channel to System Parameters
SmartBAN Performance Evaluation for Diverse Applications
Social Inclusion for Children with Disabilities: The Role of ICT in Play and Entertainment Activities
The Relationship Between Diagnosed Burnout and Sleep Measured by Activity Trackers: Four Longitudinal Case Studies
The Smart Insole: A Pilot Study of Fall Detection
Towards Body Sensor Network Based Gait Abnormality Evaluation for Stroke Survivors
User’s Authentication using Information Collected by Smart-shoes
Using Distributed Wearable Inertial Sensors to Measure and Evaluate the Motions of Children with Cerebral Palsy in Hippotherapy
Vertical Hand Position Estimation with Differential Barometery Supported by RFID Synchronization
WBAN Radio Channel Characteristics between the Endoscope Capsule and On-body Antenna