Accepted papers

Track Title
Ultra Wide Band for Body Area Networks (UWBAN) Ultra-wide Band Positioning in Sport: How the On-body Tag Location Affects the System Performance
Ultra Wide Band for Body Area Networks (UWBAN) Human Body Effect on Static UWB WBAN Off-Body Radio Channels
Smart Body Area Networks (SmartBAN) Joint Throughput and Channel Aware MAC Scheduling for SmartBAN
Smart Body Area Networks (SmartBAN) Neighbour wireless body area network discovery mechanism for ETSI SmartBAN
Smart Body Area Networks (SmartBAN) Evaluation of Preamble Detection in ETSI SmartBAN PHY
Main track Driving Operation Recognition using Smart Cushion based on Deep Neural Network
Main track Security in Body Networks: Watermark-based Communications on Air-gap Acoustic Channel
Main track Reliable and High-Speed Implant Ultra Wideband Communications with Transmit-Receive Diversity
Main track A Wearable device for Brain Machine Interaction with Augmented Reality Head-Mounted Display
Main track A Cost-Effective Embedded Platform for Scalable Multichannel Biopotential Acquisition
Main track Secrecy capacity of diffusion-based molecular communication systems
Main track Performance Evaluation of Bluetooth Low Energy Technology under Interference
Main track A Finite Integration Technique Based Simulation Study on the Impact of the Sternotomy Wires on the UWB Channel Characteristics
Main track A Pilot Study on Electrode Skin Impedance Analysis of Embroidered EMG Electrodes
Main track InstantRR: Instantaneous Respiratory Rate Estimation on Context-aware Mobile Devices
Main track A Hybrid Optical-Radio Wireless Network Concept for the Hospital of the Future
Main track Private Audio-Based Cough Sensing for In-Home Pulmonary Assessment using Mobile Devices
Main track Toward A Wearable Epileptic Seizure Monitoring – A Case Study
Main track A Machine Learning Based Method for Coexistence State Prediction in Multiple Wireless Body Area Networks
Main track Using an Indoor Localization System for Activity Recognition
Main track Indoor-Outdoor detection using Head-mounted lightweight sensors
Main track Pre-Ejection Period (PEP) Estimation based on R–Wave in ECG and On-Body Continuous Wave Radar Signal during Daily Activities
Main track Signal Transmission with Intra-body and Inter-body Communications
Main track Towards Efficient & Real-time Human Activity Recognition using Wearable Sensors: A Shapelet-based Pattern Matching Approach
Main track Wearable Continuous Blood Pressure Estimation with Photoplethysmography Sensors Array on the Arm
Main track Cuffless Blood Pressure Estimation Based on Pulse Arrival Time Using Bio-impedance During Different Postures and Physical Exercises
Main track Virtual Machine execution for wearables based on WebAssembly
Main track Indoor Energy Harvesting for WE-Safe Wearable IoT Sensor Nodes
Main track Learning and Recognition with Neural Network of Heart Beats Sensed by WBAN for Patient Stress Estimate for Rehabilitation
Main track Estimation Method of Abdominal Fat Thickness by Micro Wave
Main track Motion Artifact Reduction in Electrocardiogram Using Adaptive Filtering based on Skin-Potential Variation Monitoring
Main track Biometallic orthopedic implant with printed antenna
Main track Analysis of Walking Body Using Kinect2 and Application of Integer Code to WBAN
Main track Exposure to RF EMF from 5G Handheld Devices
Cloud-Assisted Body Area Networks (CABAN) Opportunistic IoT Service to support safety driving from heterogeneous data sources
Antenna/Propagation and WiBEC project (APWiBEC) EM imaging-Based Capsule Endoscope Localization with Peak-formed Incident Electric Fields
Antenna/Propagation and WiBEC project (APWiBEC) Information theoretic analysis for securing Next Generation Leadless Cardiac Pacemaker
Antenna/Propagation and WiBEC project (APWiBEC) Feasibility Analysis For Pulse Based Synchronization In A Dual Chamber Leadless Pacemaker System
Antenna/Propagation and WiBEC project (APWiBEC) Low-UWB directive antenna for Wireless Capsule Endoscopy localization
Antenna/Propagation and WiBEC project (APWiBEC) Experimental Path loss models comparison and localization of Wireless Endoscopic Capsule in the Ultra Wideband Frequency Band
Antenna/Propagation and WiBEC project (APWiBEC) Planar Elliptical Ring Implanted Antennas for UWB Body Area Communication
Antenna/Propagation and WiBEC project (APWiBEC) Tunable Front-end Design with a Dual-band Antenna for Small Cellular Devices