Call for Special Session on Advances in Human Body Communications


Wearable devices are rapidly becoming an integral part of our daily life as a result of parallel advancements in microelectronics, wireless communications, and signal processing. Their wide-spread use notably paved the way for transforming our perception towards smart applications of health care, public safety, and entertainment. Although various narrowband and ultrawideband frequencies are defined by body area network standards, operating on such highly-occupied and interference-limited bands is not preferable due to privacy concerns, security threats, and stringent QoS requirements of underlying applications. In this respect, human body communications (HBCs) is an ultra-low-power, low-cost, and low-complexity alternative that uses body surface as a medium of communication. Accordingly, this special track is devoted to principles, system design, channel modeling, and applications of HBCs. 

This special track will bring together multidisciplinary contributors from academic and industrial research in microelectronics, wireless communications, and signal processing to identify and present technical challenges, emerging applications, and recent results, highlighting the advances in HBCs. 

Demonstrations and experimental results are especially welcome. 

General Topics

The topics of special track include (but are not limited to) the following technical areas:

  • Capacitive, Galvanic Coupling and Magnetic Coupled HBCs
  • Tissue & Body Phantoms
  • Equivalent Circuit Models
  • Channel Measurements Methods
  • Statistical Channel, Empirical and Numerical Channel Models
  • Static Body Behavior Channel Characterization 
  • Dynamic Body Behavior Channel Characterization 
  • Flexible and Rigid Electrode Design
  • Security, Confidentiality, & Privacy 
  • Safety Guidelines & Standards
  • Physical layer and Mac layer design considerations for HBCs
  • Applications of HBC 
  • Security of HBC Systems. 
  • HBC to In-body or Off-body Communication. 

Important Dates

Paper Submission Deadline
15 August 2020

Notification Deadline
15 September 2020

Camera-ready Deadline
25 September 2020

Session Organizers:

Ahmed M. Eltawil, King Abdullah University of Science & Technology (KAUST)

Abdulkadir Celik, King Abdullah University of Science & Technology (KAUST