Call for Special Session on Advancement in Connected Wearables and Data Analytics for Healthcare Applications


Connected wearable devices are becoming integral part of daily life and started to act as a source of crowdsourced information that can help shape foundational improvements to healthcare delivery. Connected devices in conjunction with state-of-the-art machine learning models is revolutionizing the smart healthcare applications. These includes but not limited to – improving the quality of care by enabling continuous unobtrusive monitoring of patients; enabling real-time insights for timely health interventions; allowing better management of chronic diseases through predictive modelling; providing rich medical data aiding in the development of patient-centric health care models. Wearable devices are getting smarter and creating tremendous impact in the healthcare space due to the parallel advancements in microelectronics, body area communication, signal processing and most notably artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

This special session is devoted to principles, design, modeling, applications and analysis of wearable devices together with state-of-the-art machine learning models for healthcare solutions. This special session will bring together multidisciplinary contributors from academic and industrial researchers in the field of wearable sensors and applications, data analytics, machine learning, and signal processing to identify and present technical challenges, emerging applications and recent results, highlighting the advances in smart healthcare technologies. 

General Topics

The topics of special session include (but are not limited to) the following technical areas:

  • Resource-constrained deep learning for wearable IoT
  • Context-aware pervasive wearable health systems based on edge machine learning
  • Machine learning and Data Analytics for sensing, analysis, and interpretation in IoT healthcare
  • AI driven health & fitness devices, systems, and services
  • Wearble devices with custom hardware for medical deep learning
  • Neuromorphic AI and cognitive computing in smart health
  • Data storage, retrieval and transfer between wearable devices, gateways, and cloud backend
  • Body centric wireless communication issues (propagation & transmission), including Ultra wideband, millimeter wave and Tehra-hertz  propagation 
  • Wearable and implantable wireless sensors challenges
  • Small scale/nano communication
  • Security and privacy issues for wireless healthcare data
  • Knowledge graphs and knowledge representation for smart health and IoT
  • Connected Wearables for Assisted Living

Important Dates

Paper Submission Deadline
15 August 2020

Notification Deadline
15 September 2020

Camera-ready Deadline
25 September 2020

Session Organizers:

Ahmed Zoha (University of Glasgow)

Qammer H.  Abbasi (University of Glasgow)

Muhammad Ali Imran (University of Glasgow)