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12th International Conference on Body Area Networks

September 28–29, 2017 | Dalian, People's Republic of China

Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport (大连周水子国际机场 Dàlián Zhōushuǐzǐ Guójìjīchǎng), (IATADLC), +86 411 8665-2071, to the north-west of the city center, offers direct domestic flights to BeijingChangchunChangshaChengduChongqingGuangzhouGuiyangHangzhouHarbinHefeiHohhotJinanKunmingLinyiMudanjiangNanjingNanningNingboQingdaoShanghaiShenyangShenzhenShijiazhuangTianjinWeihaiWuhanXi'anXiamen, and Yantai. International destinations include BusanFukuokaHong KongKhabarovskOsakaPyongyangSapporoSeoulTaipeiTokyo, and Vladivostok. Although busy at times, the airport is fairly easy to manage, having only one terminal and a very simplistic layout. International check-in takes place on the west end of the building.

When needing to venture from the airport to the city, be sure to hail a taxi from the official taxi queue on the east side (ground level), just a few feet from any of the glass doors on the ground floor. Failing to use one of these could prove problematic (unless venturing further outside of the downtown area, where most drivers waiting in the queue will resist driving to).

A regular airport bus departs after every flight lands and runs to the main train station (it also stops at the smaller Shahekou train station so be careful not to get off too soon) as well as Renmin Lu. ¥5. Public buses #701 and #710 also run from the airport to the train station, #701 terminating at Zhongshan Square and #710 going on to the harbor, Sanba Square and Erqi Square. ¥1. As no change is returned, don't forget to bring some changes before boarding. If you are visiting quite a few scenic spots, you should take such special lines as No. 801, 802 or nonstop Benz Mercedes deluxe shuttle bus.

Tickets for outbound flights can be booked in advance from the airport ticket office on Zhongshan Lu, just opposite Xiwang Sq.