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7th International Conference on Body Area Networks

September 24–26, 2012 | Oslo, Norway

From Oslo Airport

For transportation from Oslo Airport to down town Oslo the high-speed Airport Express Train is fastest, easiest and most convenient. The train station is located inside the Airport. Depart at Oslo Central Station (Oslo S) right in the middle of the city centre with connection to Public Transportation and Taxis.

Alternatively busses operated by Airport Express Coach can be used. Ask the drivers for rout alternatives depending on where you are staying.

Public Transportation information to Oslo University Hospital (OUS), Rikshospitalet by **Ruter**

Tram/Metro Travel

From the city centre the easiest way to reach Rikshospitalet is by tram Line 17 (from Grefsen/Storo) or by Linje 18 (from Ljabru). Both have frequent departures (~every minute) and the venue at OUS Rikshopitalet is located at the end station.

See the Metro/Tram map for detailed information about Public Transportation.

The venue can also be reached by a combination of Metro and Tram. Change from metro Line 4 or 6 at the station Forskningsparken to tram Line 17 or 18 to Rikshospitalet

Tram/Metro Tickets

Travelcards serving as Smart tickets must be used and each journey validated. Travelcards can be bought among other places on the Internet, in kiosks, at railway stations, metro service points, bus terminals and at the Ruter customer service centre by Oslo Central Station. Se Ruter for more information.

Weather Forecast

Rikshospitalet Oslo

Tourist Information


Official Tourist Information about Oslo from **Visit Norway**